Ciência no DCT


No dia 18 de janeiro de 2023, pelas 14h00m, realizou-se o 2º Encontro "Ciência no DCT".
Foram oradores:

Sandra Amaro, PhD student in Geological Engineering, has an undergraduation in Geology and Natural Resources and a Master's in Economic Geology, specialising in Mineral Exploration. From July 2019 to December 2021, she was involved in research projects at DCT FCT-NOVA, funded by the EU. Her main line of research focused on Multicriteria Decision Analysis applied to Post-Mining Land Use. Currently, she develops her research through a doctoral scholarship in Decision Making and Post-Mining Land Use. She is also interested in integrating other areas of knowledge, such as System Thinking and Land Management. Her main fields of interest are Post-Mining Land Use, Systems thinking, Decision making, Land Management, and Mineral Resources.
Simone Conti, PhD student in Geology. A joint team of palaeontologists from FCT-NOVA and engineers from the Politecnico di Milano have investigated the dynamic of the tail of long-neck dinosaurs. Previous studies claimed that sauropod tails could reach supersonic speeds, but a new computer simulation with a more accurate model of the tail has demonstrated the contrary. In support of the computer simulations, the study of soft tissue materials has proven the theory of the supersonic tail inaccurate. In fact, if the tail would have travelled at such speeds the soft tissues would not have been able to sustain the stresses, and thus the tail would break. The non-capability to reach such a high speed does not incapacitate these animals to use the tail as a defensive weapon, as it is used nowadays by varanids and crocodiles.

Foi uma segunda sessão foi muito participada, com vários doutorandos, investigadores e docentes do DCT.