O Departamento de Ciências da Terra tem um conjunto de espaços e equipamentos disponíveis para ensino e investigação. 


Tipo de Espaços

Salas de aula (gerais) / Classrooms (General) 

Anfiteatros (gerais) / Auditoriums (general) 

Salas de estudo (gerais) / Study rooms (general) 

Salas de estudo com computadores (gerais) / Study rooms with computers (general) 

Gabinetes de estudo individual / Individual Study Rooms 

Gabinetes de estudo em grupo / Group Study Rooms 


Reprografia / Reprography 

Laboratórios de ensino gerais / General teaching laboratories 

Laboratório de Mineralogia e Petrologia / Laboratory of Mineralogy and Petrology 

Laboratório de Microscopia Petrográfica / Microscopy Laboratory 

Laboratório de Sedimentologia/Sedimentology Laboratory 

Laboratório de Cartografia/ Cartography Laboratory 

Laboratório de Hidrogeoquímica/ Laboratory of Hydrogeochemistry 

Laboratório de Paleontologia e Geologia de Portugal / Laboratory of Paleontology and Geology of Portugal 

Laboratório de Geologia de Engenharia/ Laboratory of Geology for Engineering 

Laboratório de Topografia, Cartografia Geotécnica e Deteção Remota / /Topography, Engineering Geological Mapping and Remote Sensing Laboratory 

Laboratório de Prospecção Geofísica e Mecânica / Mechanical and Geophysical Site Investigation Laboratory 

Biblioteca especializada do DCT / Specialized Library of the DCT 

Laboratório de Microscopia Electrónica SEM / Electronic Microscope Laboratory (SEM Lab) 

Laboratório da Biosfera / Biosphere Laboratory 

Armazém geral / General depository


Equipamentos e materiais / Equipment and materials 

All-terraine vehicle (Nissan Terrano II, 1999) 

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Perkin Elmer Aanalyst 300 (with PC, printer, water distiller + 14 element lamps) 

Binoculars Lens (Meiji Emz(5); 

Olympus 015/BX41 

Light LED’s illuminators – Massive model

Colorimeter CR- 400 Konica Minoltawith two iluminants allowing reading of the chromatic coordenates L*, a* e b* (CIELab) 

Condutivimeter ECOSCAN CON 6/03PLUSK for conductance analysis 

Cutting and polishing machine (Struers TS); Magnetic separator (Frantz IsoDynamic); 

Data shows (Epson EB-X12 (2), Casio 2700 AL-XGA, Hitachi CP-X3010Z (2))

Desktop computers for students extensively equipped with technical and generic software 

Differential GPS Trimble Geoexplorer3 

Digital Camera Nikon D90 

Digital strain meter (HBM DMD 20A) 

Electronic diamond core drilling apparatus (Cardi IL TALPA T2) 

Slake durability test apparatus (Proeti ETI – A 0675) 

Discoplan-TS from Struers for lapping of ground samples 

Earth Resistivity meter (Pasi 16 GL) 

Electrical resistivity survey )IRIS SYSCAL Junior Switch 48) 

Electric sieve stirrers (Controls 22-T0060/1, 411A) (and respective laboratory test sievers – Tecniberia (11) + controls 

Sieve Shaker Column (Retson – Gravimeta AS 200) 

Rotary Shaker (Heidolph type ST1) 

Electronic precision balances: Precisa XB 2200C; Gibertini Europe 4000AR; Precisa XB 120A; XT 220A Kern 572 (2); Mettler PB3001;

Radwag PS 1200/C/2) 

Electrothermal magnetic stirrer (SBS AOS 2001) 

Electrothermal plate (Labinco L32 & Electro)

Ergonomical auger set (Eijkelkamp Product 01.11.SE) for applications in soil profiling, description and classification; soil sampling above groundwater table & environmental soil research. 

Flow - through cell – for improved line groundwater measurement of pH, redox, EC, T, and O2 (Van Walt company) 

Ions chromatographs (Dionex, DX-120 & Metrohm, 761 Compact IC) 

Laboratory ovens 

Heating Stove – Memmert 100/800 

Laboratory Hottes 

Manual Casagrande liquid limit devices (Controls (1), Tecnotest (2), Wykeham Farrance (1)) 

Mineral, rock and fossil collections 

Muffle Furnaces (Heraeus M 110 & Nabertherm B130)

Heating Stove – WTC; Thermostatic Bath (Bunsen MH 100) 

Ultrasonic apparatus Bransonic 220 

Laboratory multi-parameter analyser with pH, EC, K, Na, Ca and hardness electrodes (Consort, C833) 

Network photocopier/scanner/printer Xerox Workcenter 7132 

Niton Thermal Scientific to obtain X-Ray electromagnetic spectra for quantification of chemical elements 

Osteological colection 

Petrographic microscopes (Nikon Eclipse E400Pol) 

Pneumatic Microhammer Airscribe HW70 

Portable conductivity meter (Conduktometer WTW, LF 191) 

Portable shear rock hand operated apparatus (Controls 45-D0548); Point load test apparatus (SoilTest RM-730); Uniaxial compression testing machine (Form +Test SEIDNER 105E 1000) 

Precision strain gauges (crack meter) (Controls 58-CO 231/A), Field inspection vane tester (Geonor H60), Torsional vane shear device

(pocket vane tester) (SoilTest CL-600 Torvane), Dynamic penetrometer (Dynamic probing medium) (Controls 16-T0013/E) & Pocket

penetrometer (SOILTEST CL-700A)

Refraction seismograph (Pasi 12S12L) 

Rock Cutting Saw machine; Rotating Ring Mill (Fritsch); Ball Mill (Fritsch); Jaw Crusher Mill (Retsch) (2); Cutting and polishing machine (TS Struers - Discoplan); Grinding and polishing machine (Buehler – Petropol); Ultrasonic Bath (Gravimeta Bandel Insonorex) 

Salt Fog Machine (Ascott S 120 T) 

SEM - Scanning Electronic Microscope Jeol t 330A (with tracor microprobe, gold spotter coater & PC) 

Water Level Hydrometer (50m) - Floating layer thickness meter with light signal (Eijkelkamp; Product code:11.03.30); Water Level Hydrometer

(200m), electric contact meter type KLL (SEBA HYDROMETRIE); Multi - parameter analyser for physico - chemical water monitoring

(Eijkelkamp; produt 18.28)

Ultrasonic velocity test device (PUNDIT 6 CNS Electronics)