Maria da Graça Brito

Professora Auxiliar

Áreas Científicas

Risk assessment, environmental mining pollution, industrial pollution, soil and groundwater contamination, landuse and planning, geology, geostatistics and multivariated data analysis, remote sensing and GIS.


2018 V Santos, PF Da Silva, MG Brito "Estimating RMR values for underground excavations in a rock mass", Minerals 8 (3), 78

2008 - Brito, M.G., Costa, C.N., Vendas, D. - paper nbr. 25-827, “Methodological Approach for Ground Contamination Assessment and Remediation of Brownfields”, p - 10, accepted to Journal WSEAS Transactions Environment and Development.

Vendas, D., Brito, M.G., Costa, C.N. - paper nbr. 25-848, “Risk assessment for redevelopment of contaminated land at an old industrial site”, p - 11, submitted to Journal WSEAS Transactions Environment and Development .

2006 - Characterization of maximum infiltration areas using GIS tools MG Brito, CN Costa, JA Almeida, D Vendas, PH Verdial Engineering Geology 85 (1-2), 14-18