José António de Almeida

Professor Associado

1989 - Engenharia de Minas (Planeamento Mineiro), Instituto Superior Técnico

1992 - Mestre (Mineralurgia e Planeamento Mineiro), Instituto Superior Técnico

1999 - Doutoramento (Engenharia de Minas), Instituto Superior Técnico

Áreas Científicas

Modelling of earth-resources; geostatistics; circular economy

Other scientific areas of interest: Fluid flow simulation; Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Databases (BD); Development of computer applications; Mining technologies; 




Publicações Representativas

FV Matias, JA Almeida, M Chichorro (2015) A Multistep Methodology for Building a Stochastic Model of Gold Grades in the Disseminated and Complex Deposit of Casas Novas in Alentejo, Southern Portugal, Resource Geology 65 (4), 361-374

G Charifo, JA Almeida, A Ferreira (2013) Managing borehole samples of unequal lengths to construct a high-resolution mining model of mineral grades zoned by geological units, Journal of Geochemical Exploration 132, 209-223

P Quental, JA Almeida, M Simões (2012) Construction of high-resolution stochastic geological models and optimal upscaling to a simplified layer-type hydrogeological model, Advances in Water Resources 39, 18–32

JA Almeida (2010) Stochastic simulation methods for characterization of lithoclasses in carbonate reservoirs, Earth-Science Reviews 101 (3), 250-270

R Nunes, JA Almeida (2010) Parallelization of sequential Gaussian, indicator and direct simulation algorithms, Computers & Geosciences 36 (8), 1042-1052