José António de Almeida

Professor Associado com Agregação

José António Almeida is Associate Professor with Habilitation of the Earth Sciences Department (FCT-UNL), and local Coordinator of the GeoBioTec.NOVA Research Centre. He has a degree in mining engineering and a PhD with specialization in oil reservoir characterization. His career began at the Technical University of Lisbon, where he was involved in research projects and company contracts concerning the characterization of oil fields, the evaluation of contaminants, and the assessment of mining reserves. In 2001 he joined FCT-UNL as Assistant Professor. Since then, he has developed and coordinated a number of research projects and contracts with companies and supervised MSc and PhD students. He has over 25 years experience in research and teaching, specializing in the areas of geological modelling and the characterization of resources. He has been at the forefront of innovative geostatistical models and applications and has published extensively in the form of scientific papers, congress proceedings, and book chapters. Much of his recent research has been concerned with the parallelization of algorithms, simulation, and object-based geological modelling.

Áreas Científicas

Modelling of earth-resources; geostatistics; circular economy

Other scientific areas of interest: Fluid flow simulation; Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Databases (BD); Development of computer applications; Mining technologies; 




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