PhD in Geology

2014        Ph.D. in Geology at FCT-UNL (Portugal)


Eligibility. Can I apply?

To enter the doctoral programme in Geology, the applicant must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  1. Possess a masters degree in Earth Sciences (or related scientific discipline), or a primary degree in Earth Sciences (or related scientific discipline) with 240 or more credit units; with a final mark of 14 or more (on a scale 1 to 20).

  2. Possess a masters degree in Earth Sciences (or related scientific discipline) and have a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum vitae, recognized by the FCT-UNL Scientific Council as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies;

  3. Have a scholarly, scientific or professional curriculum vitae in the area of ​​Earth Sciences that is recognized by the FCT-UNL Scientific Council on a proposal from the DCT Scientific Committee, as demonstrating the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies.

To gain the recognition referred in the points 2 and 3, please contact Prof. José Carlos Kullberg:  pdg.coordenador@fct.unl.pt.

(see full regulation here  [in Portuguese])




Applied Geology

External Geodinamics

Geology of Sedimentary Bassins

 Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry


Stratigraphy and paleobiology

Structural Geology

Teaching Geology



Vacancies: 10


How do I apply?

See all information at the FCT-UNL website. The application is done online though the CLIP platform until 31 of August.

Required documentation for the application process (online):

Completed application form;

Degree certificate listing the grades obtained;

Curriculum vitae;

Two reference letters.



Deadline: August 31st.



The PhD programme consists in preparing your PhD dissertation

1st Year, autumn: Thesis project (30 ECTS)

1st year(spring), 2nd year, 3rd year: thesis (150 ECTS)


Can I apply for a grant?

EU citizens can apply for grants from FCT (Portuguese Science Foundation).


Why study in Portugal?

The site Study in Portugal selects the 10 main reasons to choose Portugal:

1 - Quality Education

2 - Affordable Tuition

3 - A Genuine European Experience

4 - A Great Lifestyle

5 - A Gateway to the World

6 - The Way to learn Portuguese

7- Hospitality and a Great Climate

8 - Sports and Culture

9 - Breathtaking Landscapes 

10 - Old and New World Charm



See also this useful and independent Guide to Studying in Portugal.


Why to study Geology at FCT-UNL, in Portugal?

Because Portugal has an amazing geological heritage which generates excellent topics for research.

Because it is fun! Portugal has a great student-friendly atmosphere to study. The faculty is close to the beach and geological outcrops. And don't forget the great weather and tasty Portuguese food and wine!



 English or Portuguese (by choice of the student)


Tuition Fees: 2.750,00€/year

Duration: 3 years (+ 1 year for writing, if necessary)



José Carlos Kullberg (Structural geologist)

Paulo A. Legoinha (Stratigrapher and Micropaleontologist - Foraminifera)

Joaquim AR Simão

Octávio Mateus (Vertebrate paleontologist)

Lígia S. Castro (Palinology, Dinoflagelates)

Martim Chichorro

Nuno Leal (Geochemistry, Igneous and metamorphic Petrology)


Collaboration of retired Professors and advisors:

Miguel Telles Antunes (Paleontologist)

Rogério Rocha

Zenaide Silva



Registration number in the Ministry of Education (Portugal): R/B-Cr 235/2008. Full regulation here [in Portuguese].


PhD Coordinator: José Carlos Kullberg (Associated Professor) - pdg.coordenador @ fct.unl.pt


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